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scallop FLEET


Our scallop boats consist of 9 limited access permitted boats, 2 part-time limited access boats (single dredge) and 9 general category permitted boats (dayboats). 

f/v kathy ann

KATHY ANN is a 97’ steel scalloper built in 1989 at Tarpon Springs, Fla. by partners Capt. John Larson and Capt. Jim Gutowski. She is currently skippered by Capt. Cory Karch. This is currently the largest boat that calls Viking Village home.


F/v Elizabeth

ELIZABETH is a 63’ steel scalloper built in 1970 as a dragger at South Bristol, Maine. This vessel underwent extensive modification and refurbishing under her current Viking Village owners in 2000 to convert her to a full time scalloper skippered by Capt. Chris Buttocovla.


f/v c.b. keane

C.B. KEANE is 78' steel scalloper built by Fairhaven Shipyard completed in 2015. This full time scalloper is owned by Kirk Larson.


F/v madelyn

MADELYN is a 80' steel scalloper built by Fairhaven Shipyard completed in 2017. This full time scalloper is owned by Kirk Larson the MADELYN is skippered by Capt. Jay Sweeney.


f/v ms manya

MS MANYA is a 65’ steel scalloper built for Captain John Larson in 2004 in Bayou La Batre, Alabama. This boat features an all aluminum wheelhouse to conserve weight. She is skippered by Capt. Pete Dolan.


F/v virginia lynn

VIRGINIA LYNN has been scalloping from Viking Village since 1993 when it was purchased by Ken Roma. This steel 86 ft. full time scalloper was built in St. Augustine, Fla. in 1980. VIRGINIA LYNN is skippered by Jeff Roma.


f/v relentless

RELENTLESS is a 76’ steel scalloper built in 1978 at Eastern Marine Shipyard in Panama City, Florida. This vessel was purchased in 2002 by Captain Owen Smith who is both owner and skipper. The Relentless scallops full time out of Viking Village and has been a major scallop producer for the dock over the last several years.

Check out their website!


F/v grand larson iii

GRAND LARSON III is a 75' steel scalloper in Bayou La Batre, Alabama completed in 2004. Owner Kirk Larson.


F/V capt john

CAPT JOHN is a 75' steel scalloper completed in 2016 by the Fairhaven Shipyard. This full time scalloper is owned by Marion Larson and skippered by Capt. Dane Knutson.


F/v karen l

KAREN L is a 60’ limited access permitted scalloper. This vessel was built in Port Hueneme, California in 1974 and pole fished, with a capacity of up to 82 tons of albacore, in New Zealand and Brazil. Capt. John Larson purchased the Karen L in 1983 and rigged her for longlining. In 2001 she was refitted as a scalloper with a single dredge and has been scalloping since then. This boat is ran by Captain Dwight Kooyman.


F/V lucky thirteen

LUCKY THIRTEEN is a 67' steel boat built in St. Augustine, Florida in 1979. Prior to being purchased by Capt. John Larson in 2005, she was working in the squid fishery and was modified at Viking Village for scalloping and is currently being refitted for the 2020 scallop season. The skipper is Capt. Dwight Kooyman who has extensive experience in this fishery. As of 2022 she also longlines for golden tilefish.

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