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Viking village's
gillnet boats


The gillnet boats that fish daily from Viking Village are renowned for producing the finest commercially caught fish on the East Coast.  Our gill-netters land over a dozen species over the course of a year, the major portion of our catch consists of monkfish, skate, smooth dogfish and spiny dogfish.

f/v Compromise

COMPROMISE is a 44’ fiberglass gillnetter owned and skippered by Capt. Tim Kriegsmann. This vessel was built by Glass Marine in Hayes, Virginia in 1988.


f/v Traveller ii

TRAVELLER II, owned and operated by Captain Richard Luedtke is a 40' fiberglass gillnetter built at JC Boat Works in New Hampshire in 1980. Traveller II was originally purchased by Rick's father and Rick was the mate for many years before buying the boat from his dad.


f/v Annice Marie

ANNICE MARINE is a 40’ fiberglass gillnetter  This Maine built boat was completed in 1995. Owner and skipper, Chris Rainone purchased her in November of 2006 and she has fished out of Viking Village since then.


f/v Dana Christine II

DANA CHRISTINE II is the first of its kind that has been fishing at Viking Village since 2014. This '14 46' Mussel Ridge was built in Rockland, Maine by Albert Hutchinson. The Dana Christine II is the first boat of its kind. Owner and operator Kevin Wark is a staple in the commercial fishing industry being highly influential in management and research.


f/v eliza

ELIZA is a 40' fiberglass gillnetter that has been fishing out of Viking Village since 2005. This boat was built in 1982 at the Young Bros. Shipyard in Corea, Maine as a lobster boat. Upon arrival in Barnegat Light, Eliza was completely refitted for gillnetting by owner and skipper Capt. Mike Karch.


F/v risky business

RISKY BUSINESS is a 43' fiberglass gillnetter that has been fishing out of Viking Village for the past 5 years. This boat was built at Donnell Boatyard in Canada in 2000 and was brought here upon purchase by Capt. Hunter Mikuletzky in 2003. Hunter is a third generation commercial fisherman at Viking Village fishing for blues, weaks, croakers and other gillnet species throughout the year


f/v southern hunter

SOUTHERN HUNTER is a fiberglass gillnetter owned and operated by Captain George Mikuletzky. This boat was one of the original 44 ft. boats built by Jacques Henriques in Bayville, NJ. It was completed in 1982 and has fished out of Viking Village continuously since then, landing several million pounds of bluefish, weakfish, croakers, monkfish and other inshore species. Captain George has fished commercially from this dock since the time when it was the Independent Fish Company prior to 1973.

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