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Captain John Larson
Aug 11, 1933- Dec 23, 2009

Captain John Larson

Capt John Larson was born in Lakewood, NJ he was raised in Barnegat Light. After attending the Univ. of Virginia he worked for the Roebling Co. before taking over his father's party boat business in Barnegat Light. John was a very large influence in the fishing industry on the whole east coast. He was owner or part owner of eight commercial fishing vessels and one party boat, "Miss Barnegat Light". He was a partner in Viking Village docks and Barnegat Light Yacht Basin.


No matter where you roam in this seaside fishing village of Barnegat Light, Capt. John Larson's footprints and legacy have left a lasting impact. A sea captain in the finest sense who braved an untamed ocean and the wild inlet. Once known in the '70s as the 'tilefish' tycoon along with Capt. Lou Puskas, the two successfully made Viking Village, the commercial seafood production dock, a destination for the fishermen and tourists. 

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