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our story

Viking Village was founded in the 1920's by first generation Norwegian fishermen and was at that time primarily a lobster fishing co-op known as the Independent Fish Company.  After several years  when the lobsters began to get scarce John and Ole Larson found they could modify the gear to catch sea bass and that fishery flourished well into the 50's. Over the years as the dock grew, it evolved into  scallop, gillnet and longline fishing that characterizes our operation today.


In 1975 the facility, by then named Viking Village, was purchased by Capt. John Larson Jr. and Capt. Lou Puskas. The two friends had pioneered tilefishing in the Mid-Atlantic and were operating out of Meyers Dock at 6th Street in Barnegat Light. Forced to leave 6th St. when the party boat season opened for the summer, they seized the opportunity to buy Viking Village when it arose.


Shortly after incurring the substantial debt necessary to buy the dock, Capt. Lou and Capt. John were heading out in their boats into deteriorating weather for a tilefish trip and as the weather worsened Lou suggested that the two boats should probably turn back....whereupon John replied, you know what Lou, we have a payment to make.... we can't afford to turn back !

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