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scallop fleet


Viking Village has 9 general category permitted boats (dayboats). 

These boats are allowed 600lbs (~12 bags) of scallops per dayboat trip. These boats are responsible for producing world known Viking Fresh Sushi Grade Dayboat Scallops. 

f/v f. nelson blount

F NELSON BLOUNT is a steel dayboat scalloper. This vessel, owned by Marion Larson, was built in 1961 at Blount Marine in Rhode Island and is among the original boats at Viking Village Dock. Originally a seiner, the boat was subsequently converted to a clammer and then to a scalloper when John Larson purchased it. The Blount is skippered by Kenny Kline, Todd Devito and Hans Billsinger.


f/v provider iii

PROVIDER III is a 55' steel vessel built in Arapaho, Virginia in 1974. Provider was purchsed in 2001 by Mike Green who brought her to Viking Village to operate as a longliner. She was subsequently refitted for scalloping and has worked in that fishery up until the present. Currently the PROVIDER III is owned and operated by John Panacek.


f/v gipper

GIPPER is a 55' steel vessel built at Rhode Island Marine in 1976, GIPPER is owned and operated by Captain Mike Green. Mike purchased Gipper in 1988 and since then this vessel has fished out of Viking Village for sword, tuna, tilefish, monkfish and currently as a dayboat scalloper.


f/v sea dog

SEA DOG is an 86’ steel scalloper built in 1987 on the Gulf Coast in Texas. Captains Ken Roma and Ed Eckert purchased her in 2003 to fish as part of our dayboat scallop fleet - currently skippered by Mike Karch.


f/v abbie & holly

ABBIE & HOLLY is a 58’ steel vessel owned by Captain Bob Brewster and skippered by Daryl Karch. She was built on Long Island in 1979 and upon purchase by Bob in 2003 was brought to Viking Village to fish full time in the local longline and Tilefish fisheries and currently as a dayboat scalloper.


F/v Kennedy Helen

KENNEDY HELEN is a 44' fiberglass boat built in Maine in 1981. She was purchased in 2002 by present owner and skipper, Keith Heinrichs.


f/v pretty lady

PRETTY LADY is a 42' fiberglass scalloper owned and skippered by Captain Carl Janson. She was built in 1980 at Glass Marine in Hayes, Virginia. Carl purchased Pretty Lady in 2001 and brought her to Barnegat Light. 


f/v julianne

JULIANNE is a steel dayboat scalloper that has been fishing out of Viking Village since 2004. This 47’ vessel was built in Golden Meadow, Louisiana, in 1985 and is owned and skippered by Captain Craig O’Brien.


f/v BEAR

BEAR is a steel scalloper built by Bock Marine in Beaufort, North Carolina. Owner Bob Brewster has the BEAR working as a dayboat scalloper and a longliner.

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