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Ann Coen Photo - Lucky Thirteen


     From our founding in the 1920's until today, Viking Village has continued to 

    grow and evolve as an industry leader in commercial seafood production

At Viking Village, we are dedicated to keeping all local and U.S. fishermen fishing and harvesting responsibly. We take pride in being leaders in a program emphasizing responsibly caught fish and scallops, ensuring minimal impact on the environment and fish habitat. We work closely with the National Marine Fisheries Service, including the Fisheries councils and play a major role in the management and cooperative research process.

rest in peace

capt. lou puskas


Captain Louis Puskas Jr., a fisherman who brought tilefish back to market after a century’s absence and helped establish the modern U.S. longline fishery, passed away Sept. 2 at his home in Barnegat Light, N.J. 


next moon october 31

F/Vs Alexandria Dawn, Monica, and Frances Anne are fishing for tunas and swords.
This month we saw mostly bigger beautiful bigeye tunas. The next moon is October 31st.
Thanks to Britton Spark for the pictures!


wild caught - product of usa

At Viking Village we take pride in the  exceptional quality of our products. Our customers count on us to provide consistently reliable freshness and uniformity.


our facility

Our facility can accommodate as many as  forty boats varying in size up to 110'... rigged for the fisheries in which we participate.The main packout dock is 210' in length, allowing unloading of  as many as three boats from various fisheries simultaneously.

Four large coolers totaling over 3000 square feet in various buildings ensure that our catch is readily and conveniently accessible while remaining at the peak of freshness from packout until shipped.Our ice making capacity exceeds 60 tons per day (thanks to the hard work of Capt. John Larson) ...more than adequate to ice our fleet of scallopers, netfish boats and longliners as well as product shipped fresh throughout the U.S. and to international markets. 

Viking Village's Retail Fish market

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Cassidy's fish market at viking village
closed for the season
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