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Wind power and influence peddling in the "green" world????

Ever wonder when our environmental colleagues-you know, all those big bucks ENGOs that have been demonizing commercial fishermen for decades-have been so loathe to utter a word critical of offshore wind development that is on the verge of destroying our marine fisheries and commercial fishing industry? The Save Right Whales Coalition has released a report, Conflicts of Interest - Environmental Organizations Take Offshore Wind Industry Money (click on "Read The Report" at To write that the Save Right Whales Coalition report that might shed some light on that puzzling (at least to some of us) situation might be one of the understatements of the decade. To those of us who have been tracking the depredations of a handful of mega foundations in their ongoing two decades plus efforts to rebuild the commercial fishing industry according to their idea of how the oceans should be managed, this is hardly surprising (and their almost complete disregard of the transformative impacts of their actions on those millions of people who depend (or depended) on the domestic commercial fishing industry). To the rest of the world it should be an eye opener.

Anyway, I can't urge you too strongly to follow the link, download the report, digest it and share it. For sure it will raise your level of understanding of how what might be the biggest threat that our industry and a bunch of other ocean-dependent businesses are facing has slid beneath the green radar so successfully for so long. Remember the Precautionary Principle being so effectively used as a weapon against commercial fishing? Ever wonder why it never reared its ugly head vis a vis offshore wind power? Read the report! It's under 20 pages long (in really big print) and shouldn't take you more than half an hour.

And then share it with everyone with an interest, including: reporters, producers, elected and appointed officials, colleagues, business associates, and etc.

For several of my pieces on the precautionary principle go to and Any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at

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